Corporate Group Travel


Would you like to increase the productivity of corporate meetings and reduce their drain on staff resources?

  • Board Meetings
  • Strategy Meetings
  • Quarterly Sales Meetings
  • Employee Training

Scheduling these and other important meetings out of the office "retreat-style" is an excellent way to ensure that meeting participants are 100% focused on the task at hand. It also provides an opportunity to include team-building elements to maximize the benefits of the meeting.

Corporate Meeting Room


Are you looking for a proven, cost-effective means to increase revenue by rewarding and motivating outstanding employees?

Would you like to:

  • Guard against lost profit by encouraging the customer service department to dramatically increase client retention?
  • Generate additional profit by motivating the sales team to go above and beyond annual targets?

An Incentive Travel Program is a visible and tangible way to let employees know that their work is recognized, appreciated and essential to the company's success.

Orientalia Pacific Travel can build a customized program that.:

  • Is targeted to individuals or groups. Surveys show that individual performance improves more than 20% when competing for an incentive reward and that group performance improves by more than 40%!
  • Works within any budget, and in most cases pays for itself with increased revenue generation as program participants work toward the goal.
  • Validates the work of the best employees, takes your compensation program to the next level and reinforces your company's commitment to excellence and performance.
Outdoor Corporate Meeting


Would you like to improve relationships with existing clients and "fast track" relationships with prospective clients?
Chances are your company dedicates a good part of its sales and marketing budget to sales trips and participation in seminars, conferences and trade shows.

Why not take these efforts one step further?

  • Reinforce sales calls with effective Client Appreciation events. Include meeting time to introduce new products and relationship building activities.
  • Establish your expertise by hosting your own Educational Seminars. Why share the stage with competitors and other vendors as you fight your way through the crowd of unqualified leads?

Orientalia Pacific Travel can work with you to plan these and other exciting and effective programs to achieve your goals.

Have you ever considered:

  • Hosting your own conference for 200 existing and prospective clients on a Caribbean cruise?
  • Arranging a team building golf retreat / tournament where your key clients play on teams with your top sales people?
  • Including an interactive brainstorming session during your annual client appreciation trip to the Bahamas?