Our Solution


Orientalia Pacific Travel realizes the importance that reporting holds for Corporate Firms. Having this in mind, we provide our clients with Detailed Monthly Reports. Within these reports you will find specific information regarding the company’s expenses and savings. As a result of our leverage within the travel industry, you will quickly see all the saving you have accrued by traveling with us. Further showing why Orientalia Pacific Travel is the best agency for your corporate travel needs.


Being a part of the fast-paced travel industry requires constant technological advancements. This is why Orientalia Pacific Travel uses, world-leading travel technology and data services provider, TRX to make planning your Corporate Travel run as smoothly as possible. With our online booking and itinerary management tools, we are certain that we can meet any needs that your firm requires. Our goal is to drive our clients’ overall business costs down and their savings up!

Safety & Security

When planning your Corporate Travel, you can be assured that your safety and security is Orientalia Pacific Travel’s highest priority. We provide our Corporate Travel Agents (CTAs) with all the tools necessary to ensure that you are well informed and have the safest trip possible. Our CTAs are trained to stay knowledgeable of any travel risks, and assist you immediately in the rare case that a crisis occurs. Furthermore, our 24/7 Emergency Number safeguards the fact that our CTAs can always be reached.