Our Service


We at Orientalia Pacific Travel pride ourselves on the personalized service we provide to our Corporate Travelers. Our Corporate Travel Agents (CTAs) are trained to provide our clients with the best service possible. We see your needs as our needs as well, and carry this mindset through every phone call and trip we plan. Our CTAs cater each trip to your specific needs and make sure that your trip is flawless, so you can let go of the stress.

24/7 Assistance

It goes without saying that emergencies usually happen after hours, which is usually a headache. At Orientalia Pacific Travel we realize that planning Corporate Travel is not a 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. job. This is why our Corporate Travel Agents (CTAs) are available 24/7 to attend to any emergencies while you’re on the go. Our CTAs have been trained to diffuse emergencies even after hours, giving you ultimate peace-of-mind when traveling.


Unlike most agencies, at Orientalia Pacific Travel each Corporate Account is handled by a team - not just a single agent. By assigning a team to our client’s accounts, we make sure that all their travel needs are taken care of from beginning to end. Not to mention, we close our margin of error. Let our Corporate Travel Teams make your trip easy.