Our Savings

Preferred Status with Hotels

After being in the traveling industry for over 30 years, you can rest assured that we have established valuable relationships with distinguished Hotels and Resorts. Orientalia Pacific Travel has been awarded the opportunity to serve as members of many high-end networks and programs such as: the Ritz Carlton Stars, the Bellini Club with Orient Express, the Four Seasons Preferred Partner program, and Virtuoso. These exclusive, invitation-only societies are limited to the most prestigious travel agencies and consultants worldwide. Due to these relationships, we can offer our clients upgrades, amenities, and privileges that allow us to craft the perfect traveling experience for you.

Leverage with Airlines

Orientalia Pacific Travel has been in the industry for over 30 years. Throughout this time we have contracted with many different airlines and we make sure you receive the best propositions from our traveling specialists. On numerous occasions we can save you 40% or more on international flights. We have dealt with many corporate clients that have remained loyal to us because of our exceptional services. Our extensive experience in the field and our knowledgeable travel agents truly set us apart from all other agencies.

Monthly Savings Report

At Orientalia Pacific Travel, we strive to make corporate travel an effortless and hassle free act. We not only aim to provide you with the best service but also, at the best prices. At the end of every month we prepare a detailed monthly savings report for our Corporate Firms to show you the company’s expenses and savings. By traveling with us, you will quickly see how well we facilitate corporate travel and how cost-effective it is for your company’s budget.