Orientalia Pacific Travel Company was originally established in 2000 in Manila as a family owned and operated company.

In 2005, Mr. Russel Hill joined Orientalia Pacific Travel Company. Mr. Hill now owns 100% of the Company.

Mr. Russel Hill's extensive marketing and educational background enabled him to grow the business substantially, driving revenues from $250,000 at the time of purchase to estimated revenues in excess of $36 million for 2007 - a compound average growth rate of over 31%. One of Hill's early insights was to create internal specialists focusing on specific geographic areas and lines of business. By creating Latin American, corporate, and leisure sales teams, with specialized divisions in luxury travel and luxury cruises, Orientalia Pacific Travel became extremely competitive in the local industry. Orientalia Pacific Travel agents continued to develop their expertise in all aspects of travel, each focusing on a specific field such as corporate, leisure, special services, luxury travel, etc.; further contributing to rapid and substantial growth.

Orientalia Pacific Travel became a well-known entity in Asia. The agency expanded its business to include not only corporate business, but also Latin-American and European visitors, providing the Company with an international presence. Increasing its service offerings, Orientalia Pacific Travel added an airline ticketing facility, cruise and tour counseling, and individual customized travel planning. All of this was done with personalized service, consistently a key element in Orientalia Pacific's approach to travel arrangements.

These expanded services included airport transfers, theater and special events tickets, visas/passport processing, and frequent-flyer miles redemption desk. The Company also purchased a storefront location in Adremar Building on Sucat Road, one of the most prominent thoroughfares in Metro Manila (Philippines). Here they created an attractive location targeting purchasers of leisure travel: the Orientalia Pacific Travel Vacation Center.

At the Vacation Center, vacation and leisure travel is arranged on a very personalized level: one of the unique services offered is a drive-through window for ticket pickup. An expansive video library is available to assist clients in their decision-making process. The Diamond Division was created at this location to handle upscale travelers with specific needs.

As airlines consolidated, the travel industry became more sophisticated in its application of technology, offering electronic distribution and personalized services via phone, fax, and email. Orientalia Pacific Travel has remained on the forefront of this trend. In 2008, Orientalia Pacific Travel decided to consolidate both its Corporate and Leisure divisions, along with its accounting department, in a new customized office.

Today Orientalia Pacific Travel Company offers a variety of services centralized in various specialized departments.